Frequently Answered Questions

Q: I can’t make the evaluation. What should I do?
A: There will be multiple days of evaluations. If that still doesn’t work out, all non-evaluated players will be placed on a team based on past evaluations or estimations.

Q: Can my daughter be on a team with her friends?

A: Unfortunately, in order to create fair teams, we can only place siblings in the same age division together. This helps to ensure the teams are equal in talent. If we allow just a few, others will take advantage to create ‘stacked’ teams.

Q: When are games and practices?

A: Games are played Thursday nights and Saturday mornings (with a few Saturday afternoon games). Practices may be scheduled by the coaches for 2 nights a week before the season, and only one night a week once the season starts.  Practices maybe held on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday night once the season starts depending on the team assignment and coaching/gym availability.  Please communicate with your coach concerning your daughter's availability for practice.

Q: My child also plays soccer/softball. Is that a problem?

A: Absolutely not!  A number of our girls play multiple sports. Doctors even say that being involved in multiple sports helps to prevent injuries by better strengthening all joint ligaments. It also helps with better muscle development!  Please note on the registration form the activities and practice/game days so that we can help reduce conflicts.  Although we cannot guarantee there will be no conflicts, communication with the coach is the best way to ensure success with both sports.

Q: I’ve never coached before, but I’d like to help.

A: Great!  We will have a coach clinic and experienced players (based on availability) that can coach alongside you. We have former coaches who have offered to help at practices and with advice when needed.  Ultimately, we would like parents to coach all of the teams, like they do in other rec league sports. We also need team moms/dads.

Q: When does the season run?

A: Exact dates will be set as soon as the number of teams is known, but we have practices starting in March with games ending the weekend before high school exams begin.  We work around the school schedules as they are our hosts for each eventis, but schools teams have priority for gym space.

Q: Why are teams only allowed to practice once a week once the season starts?
A: While we love the sport of volleyball and wish it to grow, we believe strongly in your child’s education, and wish to minimize time away from homework/studying

Q: Why do you wait until after Spring Break to start?

A: School basketball seasons have the gyms tied up. The schools are very gracious to allow us the use of THEIR gyms, and we must accommodate their schedule until we can support a new facility of our own.  In 2017, we are working on starting games and practices at some gyms prior to Spring Break so stay tuned.

Q: I cannot practice on a given night with my team due to a conflict?

A: The best way to handle this is to communicate with the coach and work together for the team. Due to the blind draft process and the scheduling of practice times, we cannot guarantee that conflicts will not happen.  These conflicts happen with other sports as well.

Q: Why are games/practices held in Madison and Ridgeland?

A: CMVA is affiliated with the Madison Ridgeland Youth Club program. The agreement that we have is with the Madison County Schools, but we are willing to work with other facilities to support the growth of the sport and sportsmanship within the area. Please reach out to us at if you can assist with opening new facilities for practices and games.

Q: What if I would like to Coach?
A: There are opportunities to become a coach or an assistant coach for CMVA. Contact us at to get additional information.  You can also register through the website to coach.

Q: What additional resources are available for coaches or parents who want to help their daughter with the sport?

A: Some of the best videos can be found on YouTube. Search for “volleyball skills for beginners” and look for ones that say Basic, Beginner, or Advanced as applies to your daughter. Here are a few links that relate to beginners:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4

Link 5

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